Chosen at a young age to lead his people, Mnevis has wielded considerable religious and political power for most of his life. His clan's ancestral fortress, has held an important trade point in the desert for countless generations, and his family's influence has continued to grow under his rule. Mnevis is a ruthless pragmatist, believing that the only way to keep power is with frequent displays of authority. As a result, the pure-blooded bovine is highly involved in the daily activities of his citadel.

In recent years, Mnevis' gift of prescience has become increasingly difficult to control, causing him a great deal of stress. As a result of this stress, Mnevis has grown more distant and delusional, crippling him into an unpredictable ruler within the walls of his palace.

Mnevis' sole sibling is a pitch-black younger brother, Kemwer. Their polarized hides have always dichotomized them in the eyes of their family, making their childhoods competitive and aggressive. Now, whispers of fraternal usurpation and rebellion keep Mnevis awake at night with cold, paranoid sweats.